The American Redstart is One Cool Bird

This week we spied our first American Redstart in the Callaway Nature Preserve. Our 2007 list is growing quickly.

American Redstart

This might be one of the more common of the warblers, but it is no less gorgeous.

This species is commonly seen especially during its migration periods. Breeding Bird Census data shows that populations have been declining, but it is not known if this is a cyclical trend or a sign of something more ominous. Christmas Bird Count data shows a population increase.Chipper Woods Bird Observatory

American Redstart

Last year, Birdfreak, Veery, and Veery’s son, the Little Kingfisher went to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan to search for birds. One highlight or our trip was when we came across some young American Redstarts flitting around and begging for food. It was spectacular to watch them being fed.

This weekend, the Birdfreak Team will be counting as many bird species as possible within a 72-hour period for the 2007 America’s Birdiest City/County. We are also participating in a BioBlitz where all species of plants and animals will be documented. It will be whirlwind but fun!

Counting birds is definitely good for conservation, but it is so much more fun to just watch and enjoy them. The American Redstart can be fairly easy to find and really fun to watch.

621 Am Redstart

2 thoughts on “The American Redstart is One Cool Bird

  1. Its true….thats one cool little warbler, in fact almost all warblers are really cool to watch, that is if theyre still for a while and dont jump all over the place……yeah…cool little birds

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