Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey

The Nicolet National Forest is located in northeast Wisconsin. This forest is 360,000 hectares and has a large variety of ecosystems including coniferous forest and glacial lakes.

In 1987, the Northeastern Wisconsin Audubon Society realized that there wasn’t much information on breeding birds in northern Wisconsin. They started the Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey to collect the necessary data to find out how forest management affected bird populations.

The 21st NNF Bird Survey is done every year on the second weekend of June. Anyone can volunteer to help.

Computerized results are used to guide forest management policies and have been the subject of numerous scientific research articles and master’s theses. Results also provide visitors with information about habitat preferences and “hot-spots” for northern Wisconsin’s bird species.

The Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey also compiled maps of breeding bird information. The map below is for the Alder Flycatcher.

Northern Wisconsin is one of the best places to bird, since much of the area is coverd by national forests.

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