The 2011 Great Backyard Bird Count

February 18th through the 21st is the 14th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC)! This really is the easiest count of the year and a good time to become a Citizen Scientist!

The GBBC is a four day event that captures a “snapshot” of where the birds are across North America. By counting for fifteen minutes (or more) and tallying species by highest number of individuals seen at one time, anyone can become a Citizen Scientist. Any level of birder can participate!

Common Redpolls and Pine Siskin
Common Redpolls & Pine Siskin

This year Dakota and Jennie are counting in from their second-story picture window. Overlooking a farm field, a tree line and some brushy area they have been seeing American Robins, Northern Cardinals and a couple Northern Mockingbirds. American Crows, Canada Geese and European Starlings are also usually present and of course, the ever present House Sparrows.

The Illinois portion of the Birdfreak team will be focusing on their winter birds as well in the Callaway Nature Preserve and we will be sure to post the results next week. Both areas have received a lot of snow, especially the northern Illinois folk, so it will be interesting to see who shows up this year.

I wonder how many House Sparrows are still under these bushes?
Drifted Snow on Bushes

Good Birding and stay warm and safe!

American Robin
American Robin

2 thoughts on “The 2011 Great Backyard Bird Count

  1. Me and my neighbors here in Denver, CO enjoyed participating in last year’s GBBC! In fact, we did it all together at the same time, drinking hot cocoa after! This year, we’re planning to do the counting while we camp out outdoors (probably in one of our parks)! Me, my family and my neighbors plan to make this a yearly event! The kids here enjoy this activity the most – they’re very eager to take pictures of the birds and stuff!

  2. Walter Tully – that is a PERFECT way to get more people involved. Great to see you involving neighbors and kids in what is an easy and fun event!

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