Surf Scoter – Photo Lifelist #242

This weekend we had the opportunity to test out Birdfreak’s work camera, a Canon EOS 50D DSLR. This camera has a lot of potential and we will try to give it a full review after using it a bit while longer. In short, the 50D shoots a bit over 6 frames a second and has 15.1 megapixels of resolution, a nice upgrade from our Rebel XTi (which we will still be using most of the time).

This Surf Scoter has been hanging around one of our favorite haunts, Rock Cut State Park, and we had the opportunity to digiscope it for #242 on our Photo Lifelist.

Surf Scoter (f)

Digiscoped with our Swarovski 80HD STS Spotting Scope and Canon 50D w/ 50mm lens

One thought on “Surf Scoter – Photo Lifelist #242

  1. Great shot of the SS! I read in Dan Williams, compiled Rock Cut Bird List that the Scoters are rare to see at RC . . . only 1 – 5 reported over a number of years time. It was a life bird for John, Nila and I. Hope you don’t mind; I slid your photo of the SS into our photo file, since it was the same bird we saw even if it wasn’t the photo I took of it . . . which as you saw, you had to squint and use your imagination to see it in my shot of it. Good luck with the new camera and with your birding.
    The Pettys

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