31 Cool Bird Facts #19 – Wood Thrush

Wood Thrushes [Hylocichla mustelina] are awesome woodland birds with perhaps the coolest song of any bird north of Mexico. But besides their flute-like voice, these spotted forest denizens have a few other neat factoids about them.

Wood Thrush

“[Wood Thrushes have] been observed ‘anting’. Anting occurs when a bird picks up a single ant or group of ants and rubs them on its feathers. The purpose of this behavior is not well understood. It is thought that birds may be able to acquire defensive secretions from the ants possibly used for some medicinal purpose. Also may be a supplement to the bird’s own preen oil. – Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s All About Birds.

Wood Thrushes are unfortunately a species that is in decline due to many forces including forest fragmentation which leads to higher Brown-headed Cowbird parasitization and also from acid rain. The loss of these beautiful songsters would be catastrophic on many levels.

4 thoughts on “31 Cool Bird Facts #19 – Wood Thrush

  1. The song of the thrushes is indeed a delight to the ear, wether it the European, North American or Australian variety.
    Great photo, I do hope they survive. It would indeed be a sad day were it otherwise.

  2. What an awesome blog! I am linking to you through my blog about the Wood Thrush. I wrote a poem, trying to capture what I feel when I hear this exquisite songster.

    I was taken here by the words: free photos… if my posting of your picture is in violation of your work, please let me know! If I need permission to post, then I am requesting that now. ; )

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