State Record in Ohio – Cassin’s Sparrow

Recently, a Cassin’s Sparrow was located in Shelby County, Ohio; a state record! Blogged by Jim McCormick, an Ohioan who believes that “The more of us who care, the more likely that our natural world will survive.” He writes Ohio Birds and Biodiversity and on June 14th wrote up an excellent post on this find.

Some of the blog’s coolest article are on the beetles in ohio, like the Eastern Hercules Beetle…fun stuff!

The Cassin’s Sparrow field is no-till agriculture – the farmer allowed some wheat, primarily, to remain unharvested. As the field wasn’t plowed under after the last crop, lots of “weeds” came up as well. Jim McCormick

The coolest part of this article to me was that the veteran birder (named Doug Overacker) was driving down a road when he heard the bird sing! What a great way to find such a rarity!

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