10 thoughts on “Phriday Photo – Suet Supper

  1. Sorry for my recent absence–mundania called! Lovely photo. 🙂 Where’s Roosevelt when you need him? *sigh*

  2. Shelley – thank you! Nuthatches are one of our favs!

    Melissa – he was almost within arm’s reach from the window!

    Lana – the battle of mundania is always too close 🙂 – we need some modern-day T.R.’s

    Abraham Lincoln – we’ll check out your blog and glad you enjoyed our site (come back often 🙂

    Mon@rch – thank you much! They seem to always know when there is fresh suet.

  3. Young Naturalist J – Glad you will have them, we will be saying farewell to them for the summer soon.

    Wren – Thanks! They are one of our favorites also!

    Zen – We are really going to get one!

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