Migrant-filled Lighthouse

While thumbing through the April issue of Birder’s World, we came across perhaps the coolest article ever published.

Ralph Eldridge, a year-round lighthouse keeper near the coast of New Brunswick, Canada, has been witnessing incredible migrant activity on a little treeless island. The island is more famously known for Atlantic Puffin, Razorbill, and tern colonies, but during migration it becomes a vital stop in inclement weather for songbirds.

Eldridge’s photos capture the amazing sights of many species together in one place. Have you ever seen an Ovenbird and a Spotted Sandpiper side-by-side?

Check out Ralph Eldridge’s migrant collection !!!

3 thoughts on “Migrant-filled Lighthouse

  1. that is so cool must just be a natural small island to take a breather as I would not have thought the food source would be that great


  2. I looked at all the pictures on the website and it is amazing…incredible!! Thanks so much for this posting. I am on the other coast of Canada and I wonder if our lighthouses get as much action!!!

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