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Ermine (Mustela erminea)

Here we have an Ermine (Mustela erminea), also known as a Stoat or Short-tailed Weasel. They share the same family with ferrets, minks, and other weasels and oddly enough, badgers, martens, and wolverines!

This photo was taken near our Grandparents’ farm in way northern Wisconsin back in November 2006. These animals change colors depending on the season and if you’ve never been to northern Wisconsin, it is cold and snowy in winter (which seems to last from October to May). So, these weasels go white to match their snowy surroundings.

However, there wasn’t too much snow on the ground so this guy could have been an easier target for the many hawks and owls of the area (that and the fact that he was over-curious of us).

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