20 thoughts on “Photo of First Year Male Orchard Oriole

  1. I like your oriole photograph. I guess I should be on the lookout as they stopped off here this spring and ate me out of oranges. A lot of birds have already left and I suppose those have too.

    My Sky Watch Friday blog is at my Canon Pixels blog. If you have time I would appreciate your having a look at the sky peeking through the oak tree leaves.

  2. A great capture, I had never seen one before. Of course I like the Baltimore Orioles (baseball team), I see them often but they are not as good as this.

  3. Fabulous shot!!! There seemed to be a lot more Orchards around this year. We had a immature one on the Shawangunk Grasslands this Spring. First juvie I had seen in a long time.

  4. Gorgeous blue sky and a beautiful Orchard Oriole! I have never seen one before and probably would have missed it since it blends in so well with the leaves. I like the picture of the Pee-Wee also.

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