Crazy Egg – Great Tool for Nature Bloggers and Nature Websites

There are several website analytics tools out there for nature bloggers and nature-related websites but Crazy Egg offers a distinct advantage: heatmaps.

Heatmaps are graphical displays of where your site’s visitors are clicking. The places with more clicks have a larger area of coverage and a “hotter” display. The ability to track this is good for several reasons. For starters, if you plan on advertising on your site, this helps show the potential best ad placements. But, even without advertising, the heatmaps will help show which content is getting the most action.

Heatmap example from our site

There are three other display options available with Crazy Egg: Overlay, List, and Confetti.

  • Overlay allows you to drill down any clicked link to see how many clicks (and the percentage of those that make up the overall total clicks)
  • List gives you a detailed list of what was clicked on
  • Confetti offers a scatter of color-coded points that depict the source of these clicks

Crazy Egg is easy to install and offers a free account that allows you 4 snapshots and limited visitor tracking per month. You set up what you wish to track, plop in a snippet of code and you are set to go. We have been using it for about a year and it is a nice tool in addition to other tracking services.

Look for more tips to improve your blog/website from [we are not affiliated with CrazyEgg in any way; we are just a user.]

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