Outdoors in Illinois – Edwin Lynn Callaway

Grandpa Lynn (with our last name misspelled)

My grandfather and namesake was a prolific writer and outdoors enthusiast. He had numerous published articles in many different periodicals, some of which I recently discovered in my parent’s basement.

Outdoors appreciation was passed down from my grandfather, a man I never met, to my father who taught me through countless camping trips and nature hikes. Grandpa Lynn focused much more on fishing and hunting, but I know he loved birds.

Not all birds.

He was enamored with Canada Geese and their massive migrations. He disliked crows for reasons I am not entirely sure of.

Besides being a conservationist, photographer, and birder, Lynn was an educator. His work with promoting the outdoors and conservation education meant he was thinking of the future during a time when environmentalism wasn’t even a thing.

President of the Outdoor Writers of Illinois and Avid Fisherman

I only know Grandpa Lynn from what my dad has told me. And even he only had sixteen years of knowledge about his father. Lynn died on September 20, 1959 in a car accident “returning from a meeting of the Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Association in Ely, Minnesota”. He and two passengers, George Culleton and Leslie Scott were killed by a drunk driver.

To have even a small collection of his writings brings a great joy to my heart. And knowing his devotion to the outdoors helps reinforce my desire to promote conservation and pass my love for the outdoors to my two sons.

“Conservation education will keep growing in the years to come.”

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