Montana Audubon’s Wings Across the Big Sky Bird Festival

I’ve visited Montana only once and have been dreaming of returning ever since. Montana is enormous and blessed with over 400 species of birds spread across a surprisingly diverse landscape.

Wings Across the Big Sky is an annual birding festival hosted by Montana Audubon and this year marks the 20th for the festival. American Prairie Reserve is the lead sponsor of this year’s event with APR founder Sean Gerrity scheduled to deliver the keynote address.

Like all great birding festivals, Wings Across the Big Sky has a variety of field trips and speakers. American Prairie Preserve is a great sponsor for this event as their work in Montana is one of the most ambitious conservation efforts in the country. Their goal: to build a continuous, protected prairie landscape of 3 million acres!

Wings Across the Big Sky takes place June 7-9 at the Cottonwood Inn, in Glasgow, MT and is sure to be a great event.

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