17 thoughts on “Lord of the Skies – Mississippi Kite [Skywatch Friday]

  1. Wow, another beautiful shot of that kite. I loved the first Mississippi Kite shot you posted a few days ago.

    If he runs shy of dragonflies, send him on down to Texas. We seem to be very well-stocked this year, and I’d love to get a good look at a kite in person!

  2. Nice catch….. Great job! Reminds me the saying,,,, We never know how high we are, till we are called to rise and then, if we are true to plan our statures touch the sky… Happy Skywatch! Hope you can visit my SWF entry too…

  3. Another beautiful photo Eddie! I love seeing the White-tailed Kite hovering here in the California basin during migration. What an incredible bird! Last one I saw hanging out over the golf course near my Mom’s house.

  4. Yur Mississippi Kite is a stunner… we some times get our Red Tailed Kites around when I go walking and as always it a joy to see them.. Thank you for showing this today on Sky Watch… I’m off out now for my morning walk I hope I see a raptor of any kid as it’s always such a pleasure.


  5. WOW! What an incredible photo! A truly awesome bird capture…..and the depth of that blue sky makes a great Skywatch.

  6. Nice photo! We also had luck with Mississippi Kites in CT this year . New Hampshire too. I wonder if they’re expanding their range? My photos came out too dark as I used an auto setting andthe lighting wasn’t right.-I did get a video but the quality want’s there.

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