31 Cool Bird Facts #7 – Mississippi Kite

Back in August of this year, a Mississippi Kite [Ictinia mississippiensis] family was observed hunting Chimney Swifts successfully. Known normally for catching large insects like dragonflies and cicadas, this was pretty impressive, especially considering what superb fliers swifts are. {Observation from Barbara Williams, local expert birder and conservationist.}

Bird Photography Weekly #4

Bird Photography Weekly #3 yielded only 9 species, down from last week’s ten. Perhaps this week will be more photo-fulfilling! Help spread the word; you know birds are awesome! Mississippi Kite [juv.] The list: Wood Stork Senegal Coucal Common Nighthawk Red-faced Cormorant American White Pelican Red-breasted Nuthatch American Avocet Carolina Wren Mississippi Kite

Mississippi Kite Nesting?

After consulting numerous birders coming to view the “Rockford Mississippi Kites”, the original pair of birds now includes a THIRD Kite, this one a juvenile. Thus, the implications are this bird nested here in Rockford, right by a city park and grade school. We think this was the kite’s nest