Launch! – Book Review Library

After a few weeks of work I am happy to announce the launching of the Birdfreak Book Review Library!

As of launching, the database includes 95 titles, all with links to reviews previously posted on the blog as well as links to purchase through Amazon Affiliate links.

Currently you can sort by book title or search by category or just view all the books and browse for what you like!

I hope to add more features in the future, so I’ll call this “Version 1.0” of the library. Also, I have a large pile of books that are awaiting review which I plan to get to as the daylight hours get shorter.

If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to add them below! Ideas for category names would be appreciated too.

The entire library runs on PHP connecting to a MySQL database.

You can view the library now or find the link in the yellow box below the gray category sections.


2 thoughts on “Launch! – Book Review Library

  1. Nice!
    If it helps any, here are the categories that I use:

    Advanced ID
    Art & Photography
    Biology & Behavior
    Family Guides
    Field Guides
    Regional & Travel Guides
    Species Monographs

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