A children’s book by Carl Hiaasen called Hoot was recently made into a movie. The book and the movie are both worth checking out, both as good fiction and an insight to the very real problem for owls, habitat loss.

Upon reading a review for the movie Hoot by The Center for Biological Diversity

Hoot is an “eco-thriller” about a group of teenagers who take on Florida developers that are destroying habitat for burrowing owls.

…we noticed the word eco-thriller, books and movies that call for solving a real-life environmental issues, such as saving Burrowing Owl habitat. Highlighting bad guys while dealing with realistic environmental situations makes for good movie watching and many organizations, such as the National Wildlife Federation support the movie Hoot.

The National Wildlife Federation is promoting this film because we think it’s a great story about how young people can make a difference for wildlife. We hope it will inspire many youth across the country to take an interest in their local natural areas and undertake their own wildlife projects. –The National Wildlife Federation Website

The book and the movie are excellent for both adults and children. We recommend reading the book first since it is much more detailed. We hope to find and review many more eco-thriller books that raise real-life issues on birds and habitat loss. It is a great way to raise awareness of environmental problems that affect us all and might spur interest in people to do something about it.

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  1. Hi very interesting review on Hoot, I’ll have to take a read myself and see what its all about. I’m really into these eco-thrillers! You might also find a few other eco-thriller authors to your taste as well, check out Neal Stephenson and his book Zodiac, which was made into a movie recently. Also, look into Paul Mark Tag’s, Category 5 and sequel “Prophecy”. I would recommend them for a little older audiences than teenagers, but I would have enjoyed them as reads in high school. Enjoy!

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