Dog Days of Summer

Summer is the greatest time of year because even when not birding, it is the easiest time to be outside for many hours at a time. After a morning of birding I decided to spend the afternoon outside, writing and enjoying the mid-summer weather. One of the best things is to be able to browse the internet from the wireless router while enjoying bird sound, butterflies, and our forested backyard.

Summer is also a favorite time for our 1 year old Doberman-mix, Arizona.

Arizona Before the Attack

Arizona is a native Illinoisan but was named after our favorite birding destination.


We presume he has greyhound in him because of his shape and the lightning speed.


We would highly recommend rescuing a Doberman – they are good-hearted, wonderful dogs that have gotten a bad name but are really just sweet, gentle creatures.

6 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. Dobermans used to have a bad name but nothing compares to the reputation of the Pit Bull.-I definitely have to invest in a wireless router so that I can spend more time outdoors.

  2. Is ive said in other comments…thats one cool dog you got there! nice to see them play outside chasing butterflies and things.
    Nice time summer, im hoping for winter for some warblers, but then again our winter is much like your summer so its always nice 😉
    Enjoy the warm days amigos!!

  3. Hi, your Arizona looks very much like our young 62-lb Dobie mix Tarpon (who we also suspect is part greyhound). Email if you’d like to see pix sometime. (He’s my first mix, but my fourth Dobie)

    Alice A.

  4. Arizona looks a lot like our dog Klara – I found your page trying to find photos of doberman/greyhound mixed dogs because I suspected she might be one. Arizona confirmed my suspicion. 😀

  5. Arizona looks IDENTICAL to our year-old dog. He is a sweetheart and obeys us well but is the most energetic dog I have ever known and runs like the wind. Its nice you are enjoying your dog too.

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