Historical Birdfreak…

After attending the NCIOS (Rockford Bird Club) meeting on Thursday I decided to find a couple old photos of how Birdfreak truly began.

This is a picture of Veery (Jennie) at age 10 or less. We are bird banding and this is a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Apparently, the banders did not want to get chomped on by that awesome beak.

This is the Birdfreak at age 5 or 6. I was a geek than and still am. Oh well! I also don’t like the Brewers and am a Cardinals fan (big surprise!)

Can anyone ID the bird I’m holding? The picture isn’t too great, but give it a try!

Here’s a closer look.

3 thoughts on “Historical Birdfreak…

  1. Hard to say for sure but the full yellow head and black mask is very distinctive pattern of the Blue-winged Warbler! That would be my guess! I think this is a wonderful thing getting children out banding at an early age! I have many kids visit me during my banding and you never know how that will effect them once they get older! Glad to see your now a birdfreak!!

  2. Excellent. I guess that was too easy for you two. I love bird banding still today, just can’t do it on a regular basis so I never became an official bander. Come spring I hope to post a lot about our local banding station and some ideas for the future of bird banding.

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