Christmas Tree Recycling

We finally got around to setting up the ole Christmas tree in the backyard. Every year we get a real tree and after the holidays, we place it in the yard to add some much needed cover for the birds. For some reason our yard struggles to grow pine trees or any type of coniferous tree. Two years in a row we planted pine trees only to have them wither away. We do have one nice pine, but even that is a bit spindly.

Thus, the Christmas tree provides a nice thick cover and also a great place to hang seed ornaments.


This year we snatched our neighbors tree after they put it out with the trash. Tree recycling has improved our backyard habitat because as the year progresses, the tree loses its needles and we toss it in our brush pile. Our neighbors might think we’re nuts but the winter birds and later in migration, the thrushes, sparrows, and Ovenbirds love our recycling program.

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