Goodbye to Our Golden

Max aka Boo Bear

Today we sadly had to say goodbye to our great friend and family member, our Golden Retriever Max. Over 13 years old, Max was never not a puppy at heart, but over the last few months his arthritis in his back had gotten worse. Last night he suddenly got sick and this morning passed away peacefully with Dakota at his side.

We knew this day would come, but it always hurts when they leave us. A few fun facts about Max:

  • Max was a pure-bred Golden Retriever
  • In Jennie’s divorce Max was court-ordered to remain in our sole custody
  • One of his many nicknames was “Boo Bear”
  • He obsessed constantly about tennis balls and had a special game he played with them which we dubbed “Boo Bear Ball” (so much so that the little ones refer to tennis balls as boo bear balls)
  • He was flexible and would spread his legs backwards like a frog
  • He didn’t like to camp much but loved being outside
  • He was extremely protective of the kids when they were young, allowing them to stumble on top of him as they learned to walk – several times he provided soft landings and never growled once at them
  • During hot weather Max would love to sleep in the bathtub, sometimes surprising the first person up in the morning

Max was a wonderful dog and will always be remembered for the fun times he provided us and the joyous times spent with him. We have two dogs now: Socks an unknown mixed breed (blue heeler, German Shepard perhaps) and Arizona a mix of Doberman and Greyhound.

January 7th, 1995 – April 14th, 2008

14 thoughts on “Goodbye to Our Golden

  1. Oh Birdfreak, my heart goes out to you and your family. Losing a pet hurts so much, but it’s always good to have such sweet memories. I posted a few days ago about our loss that took place only a year ago, and it still hurts to think about losing Kody. My thoughts are with you as you feel the loss and fondly think of the wonderful years you had with Max.

  2. My best wishes for you all, it is always hard to lose ‘a family member’.
    The fun facts are great to get an idea of the cool friend and companion Max had been to you, and I’m sorry that he’s gone now 🙁
    I know it’s hard, but cheer up thinking about the good times together.
    Hugs from Peru.

  3. It’s sad to lose any member of the family, and pets seem to bond and become a part as much as anyone! Nice tribute, and Boo Bear will stay in the hearts and memories of all for years to come. Time has a way of making things seem better, but keep the memories close… they never go away!

  4. I am deeply sorry for your loss, aging is inevitable but the memories are forever and you guys loved that dog so much that you wont ever forget him.

    Do not be sad…theres a song form George Harrison (all things must pass) that reminds me that…

  5. My earliest memory of deep sorrow was when my grandparents’ dog was killed. How much closer to you is the loss of Max. As a child I had every manner of pet, but my mother objected to having a dog. She got one right after the last of her five children left the household, and she so loved it! Only last year, our toddler granddaughters lost Maceo, their beautiful old Lab-Dobie, whose story I told in a blog post. I shared their sense of loss, but they felt it most deeply. You had a wonderful friend in Max, and I am so sorry for your loss

  6. I’m terribly sorry for your loss. My sincere sympathies. *hugs* I’m always here if you need an ear to bend. You’re in my thoughts.

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words of compassion. Although we haven’t met most of you in person, it is easy to tell just how wonderful you all are!!

    Our birds certainly have a fighting chance with the great people who are part of our community.

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your friend! Losing an animal who loves you unconditionally is heard. Remember the good times!

  9. My condolences on your loss of Max. Those furry friends are so special! Sounds like he had a wonderful life as a member of your family. (We lost our old Daisy a few weeks ago after almost 15 years, so I feel your pain.)

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