April Snow Brings Lotsa Loons

Common Loon
Common Loon

This morning we were bound and determined to make a short trip to Rock Cut State Park. By the time we arrived, it was fiercely snowing. We were rewarded with not one Common Loon, but ten as well as a dozen Great Blue Heron. Photography was a challenge, but we managed to get some shots of a cooperative loon.

Diving Common Loon
Common Loon

That was the only real photo-op we had and the trip was cut short by 8 freezing hands and wet gear.

Bad weather birding is often rewarding!

Common Loon

6 thoughts on “April Snow Brings Lotsa Loons

  1. These birds are sooooooo pretty! I only seem to see the females around here. I would love to see one this close up someday. Great pictures!

  2. The Common Loon is one bird that I really look forward to seeing every time I head up to northern New England in Spring.I get to see them by the shoreline in CT during the winter but it just isn’t the same.-I much prefer seeing them in breeding plumage while letting out their wistful cry.

  3. I was glad to see these great photos of the Loon – I’m looking forward to their visit to our lake this year. There is just something so hauntingly beautiful about them.

  4. Great loon shots! This weekend was cold and gnarly up in Hudson, WI, but it turned out to be a fantastic time to find loons and eagles and a few others. The loons I saw were bringing up fish like crazy, and it at least looked liked they were finding fish just a bit larger than they could easily swallow. Very cool birds at any rate.

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