Geobirding – Atmosphere

Geography is broken up into four large categories: atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. Each of these categories has numerous aspects that involve birds and birding. To help further our study on Geobirding, we are looking into each of these categories and coming up with various topics for further study.

Atmosphere Topics

Migration mapping with WSR (Weather Surveillence Radar), also referred to as NEXRAD (Next Generation Radar).

How birds use or are effected by wind currents – thermals, fronts that cause fallouts, etc.

Effects of storms such as hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and blizzards have on birds.

Climate changes and long-term weather effects on bird distribution.
Air and light pollution issues.

NEXRAD locations in the U.S.

Images of the world and U.S. at night, showing how lit up it is.

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