2007 Most Wanted Bird List

The Birdfreak team read about the most wanted bird list from The Hawk Owl’s Nest and thought it would be fun.

Our 2007 Most Wanted Bird List:

1. Kirtland’s Warbler – nesting in Michigan, it is only a good day’s drive away

2. Worm-eating Warbler – a migrant through northern Illinois and a breeder at Baxter’s Hollow

3. Upland Sandpiper – nests at two nearby locations, Nachusa Grasslands and the Upper Mississippi River NWR

4. Northern Saw-Whet Owl – winter around us but hard to find (although Veery witnessed one being banded)

5. Blue Grosbeak – also nests at Upper Mississippi River NWR

6. Varied Thrush – not likely but we can dream

7. American Golden-Plover – migrate through Illinois

8. Black-backed Woodpecker – U.P. of Michigan or maybe our family farm in N. Wisconsin

9. Evening Grosbeak – N. Wisconsin

10. Ivory-billed Woodpecker – and get a photograph

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