Flat Stanley – Part II

Saturday was the Annual Shreve Migration Sensation in Shreve, Ohio. Dakota and Jennie decided to take Flat Stanley along. Guided tours, vendors, cool speakers, a photograph contest and of course an awesome Ohio Young Birder field trip make this event a great way to kick off spring migration!

Jennie and Stanley Volunteering
Shreve Migration Sensation

Stanley loved the Beautiful Art Work
Shreve Migration Sensation

Ohio Young Birders Field Trip – Dakota went on the bus with the young birder crew in search of waterfowl and early spring migrants. The chilly weather did not stop the fun, but it was a slow birding day. Flat Stanley enjoyed himself immensely.

Stanley on the Birding Bus
Shreve Migration Sensation

Stanley with his Backpack
Shreve Migration Sensation

The highlight for Flat Stanley was seeing his first SNOWY OWL. The handler was kind enough to give Stanley an up-close look.

Hoping he’s not Lunch!
Shreve Migration Sensation

All in all, it was a great outing for the Ohio Birdfreaks and their new friend Flat Stanley!

Good birding!!!

2 thoughts on “Flat Stanley – Part II

  1. I’m new to this blog. I just created a website about bird houses for a contest at school, and I’m getting into a little amateur birding to try and share my customers passion for birds. It’s amazing to me as I’ve read your blog and some others like Bird Chick and Round Robin how much enthusiasm there is in the birding community. Keep up the fun posts. That picture of the Snowy Owl is pretty cool. Must be something else to see one in the wild. If you know of any other good birding blogs, please feel free to send them my way.

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