Flat Stanley – Part I

A Flat Stanley arrived in Findlay, Ohio from Rockford, Illinois from one of the Birdfreak’s family members. Stanley decided to come to Ohio and learn all about where we live then go back to Illinois to “tell” all about it through pictures and a book we plan to help him write. This is a school project that was started by one teacher and has grown worldwide. It teaches kids about different areas of the world in a unique way.

First, Jennie took Flat Stanley to work. He helped create maps and checked out the cool soil probe truck. He even assisted in lab work!

Flat Stanley assisting with soil science research

One of the many advantages of sending flat visitors is that they can visit friends by travelling in an envelope. Students’ written work goes to other places by conventional mail and e-mail. While it is similar to a penpal activity, it is actually much more. In a standard penpal exchange, students rarely know how to begin or what to write about, but, with a Flat Stanley or one of our other flat characters from the Template Gallery, it’s as if the sender and the recipient have a mutual friend, and writing becomes easier and more creative. – Flat Stanley Project

Next stop was dog training with Lily and Dakota. We learned how to train a dog to heal and lay down.

Flat Stanley at the dog training facility

We decided to take Stanley out of Findlay to explore some of Ohio. He was able to attend Shreve’s Migration Sensation in Shreve, Ohio and even met a Snowy Owl!

Stay tuned for part II and GOOD BIRDING!!

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