Enjoy Horicon Marsh

The Birdfreak Team loves Horicon Marsh. This bird haven found in central Wisconsin northeast of Madison, is a great place to find a wide assortment of marsh birds. Roger Tory Peterson named Horicon one of his top twelve places to bird.

There are several great Websites that promote Horicon Marsh.

Enjoy Horicon Marsh is a site that focuses on many events going on around Horicon Marsh and of course includes the wonderful birding opportunities.

We are excited because our photos are featured on their homepage!!

Another wonderful site is one we just recently discovered, Horicon Marsh International Educational Center. This site focuses on promoting Horicon Marsh’s new educational center and the wonderful programs the Friends of Horicon Marsh are working on.

The Horicon Marsh Bird Club has checklists and information about their birding trips and events, including birding festivals. We’ve attended festivals at Horicon and have always had great times.

July is also a great time to bird at Horicon Marsh as young birds are mixing with migrants and the weather is usually wonderful!

If you haven’t visited Horicon, we suggest you do sometime. The birding is great any time of the year!

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