Flickr + Birding = A Cool Way to View Birds in Action

The Birdfreak Team has been using Flickr to post and organize photos since January of this year. By the end of May, we already had 1000 photos! They add up fast and we love how easy it is to put them on the blog or send them to people.

Photo number 1623
Blue Jay

We even started two of our very own flickr groups called The Secret Life of Birds and Birds as Art.

The Secret Life of Birds currently has 115 members, who have added some really great photos depicting bird behavior.
One photo shows a Swallow-tailed Kite carrying two frogs. Another shows a Ruffed Grouse drumming during a courtship display and one shows a Black Skimmer…well skimming!
Lots of different birds have been added so far, from Acorn Woodpeckers to Great Blue Herons to Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrows. There are hundreds of other great photos in this group showing off bird behavior.

We were so lucky to have captured this Sedge Wren singing proud.
Sedge Wren
It’s a bit overwhelming that so many have joined, but it is great fun!

Our other group, Birds as Art has 68 members and accepts all kinds of cool photos related to birds. Three Roseate Spoonbills in a row? Sure! A gorgeous banded Black-throated Blue? Of course! A perfectly perched Red-winged Blackbird? Absolutely!

We have added a few of our own photos to the groups, including one of our favorite warblers, the Ovenbird.

Flickr is a great resource for finding tons of great birders and bird photos. Now if only the site would adopt a Flicker as its mascot….

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