Eight Random Things With a Twist

Here is the Birdfreak Team rendition of the Eight Random Things meme – we were tagged by Larry at The Brownstone Birding Blog.

  1. Only Birdfreak has been to Arizona but after reading Aimophila Adventures, the whole Birdfreak Team wishes to head there soon
  2. Veery can play nearly any musical instrument, but can’t compete with the musical sounds of the Veery that Naturalist J caught over at Mon@rch’s Nature Blog
  3. SnowyOwl (who usually reviews books and movies for us) has an English degree and is an amazing writer, just like Trevor, who has a birding and writing blog
  4. No one from the Birdfreak Team has birded outside the U.S – well technically, we’ve seen a couple birds in Canada. There are plans to visit Honduras, thanks to Daniel’s Hondubirding which makes birding in Honduras sound like a blast!
  5. We have always believed that the Ivory-billed Woodpecker is not extinct, as does Ivory-bills LIVE!!
  6. We have rescued two Dobermans and it is a long-term goal to donate millions of dollars to Special Needs Dobermans
  7. Our favorite “famous” birder is Kenn Kaufman, who we will be birding with in September
  8. Two members of our local bird club, NCIOS, were former Presidents of the American Birding Association

There you have it, 8 random things. We could get a little more personal, but you’ll have to go birding with us for that.

3 thoughts on “Eight Random Things With a Twist

  1. Fair enough-I forgot there were so many of you on the Birdfreak team.-Wow!birding with Ken Kaufmann-very cool indeed!-How did that come about?

  2. We signed up for a field trip that Kenn Kaufman is leading for a birding event… the cool thing is there were very limited spots but we nabbed 5 of them (some other family members are going with too)

  3. Any time! The birding is heating up–and the temperatures cooling down (it’s barely 100 here in Tucson today).

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