Birdfreak Green Conservationists

Birdfreak Green, while not a crayon color (yet) is the loud green color of our blog and logo. In web-geek terms it is #abd61b but in the realm of birds, Birdfreak Green is best displayed by the Green Jay.

Green Jay

We choose this odd green color for two reasons:

  1. Green is the color of the environment, yet we wanted to be different than the “normal” green
  2. For our long-term plan of Birdfreak, we wanted a color that stands out, especially for shirts, hats, and eventually nature preserve signs – is a Birdfreak National Wildlife Preserve possible?

Bright Green Environmentalism

While we prefer to be called conservationists as opposed to environmentalists, the term “bright green environmentalism” caught our eyes. The basic ideas of bright green is that technology, improved design, and economically-ecologically friendly activities are better than the pessimistic, doom-and-gloom, mass hysteria of the so-called “dark green”.

A good example of what bright green is not would be the recent Live Earth concert. While the concept and hype sounded nice on the surface, the execution was weak. MSN bragged about their 10 million live streams, but for a worldwide event, that is barely anything considering how much was spent. Basically, these sort of awareness-fests really don’t accomplish anything. Now, if they were raising MONEY for conservation, that would be something to get excited about.

So instead of bright or dark green, we consider ourselves to be Birdfreak Green Conservationists!

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