Eastern Wire-Thrush

Pete Dunne’s Essential Field Guide Companion lists whimsical names for North American birds. The Eastern Bluebird he calls the Eastern Wire-Thrush.

Eastern Bluebird juv.

Today we headed out to a wonderful place we bird often, Oak Ridge Forest Preserve. We were hoping to catch numerous birds in their journey of migration. While we came up short on the migrants, we were overloaded with Eastern Bluebirds.

Eastern Bluebird juv.
Eastern Bluebird juv.

The fun thing about bluebirds is how varied they look when they are young. Some flash their gorgeous blue while others seem to not even be bluebirds at all.

There were plenty of other birds to be seen, but most were hiding behind leaves and branches. Birds like Warbling and Yellow-throated Vireos, Red-belly and Downy Woodpeckers (in large numbers), and a sprinkling of warblers, such as the fan favorite, American Redstart.

All in all, it was a fun way to begin the three day weekend!
Eastern Bluebird juv.

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  1. I read a couple of Pete Dunn books that I really liked.-Pete Dunn on birding was one of my first and favorite birding books.

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