Digiscoping Definition

Swarovski 80 HD STS Spotting ScopeDigiscoping is the combination of a spotting scope and a digital camera to take long-range photography.

The technique is best done with high-quality optics because they have better coated glasses which help increase clarity and reduce light loss. However, just about any scope and digital camera will work for at least identification/proof shots, so long as the camera’s lens size matches as close as possible to that of the scope’s eyepiece.

Digiscoping requires a lot of practice and to get high quality shots, it is best to use a setup that is designed for this technique. Optics companies often sell adapters specifically for attaching the camera to the scope. Swarovski makes such an adapter that works perfect with just about any camera and their awesome spotting scopes.

4 thoughts on “Digiscoping Definition

  1. Binocular Harness Guy – digiscoping has been around for awhile but not too long… it is definitely a fun thing to try out!!

  2. I have a Canon EOS Rebel XSi camera and a Bushnell Spotting Scope what exactly do I need to hook them up so I can take some photos, not so much of birds but of ships and Oil rigs way out in the gulf of mexico. Can anyone help me out as I am just a beginner and got this camera as a gift and havent really figured out how to work it…… but I am learining but want to learn more about the digiscoping everyone is talking about. some say it will be the best way for me to get the best photos due to my objects are stationary and large so I may be able to accomplish what I want, anyway what or where do I go to purchase what I need to get my camera to hook to my scope. do I need a adapter just for my bushnell or is there a adapter that will work with most any scopes? thanks for any of the help.

  3. Deidre – I would go to a camera store to look for an adapter to connect the camera to scope. The Rebel can use a 50mm lens and the adapter usually connects to that and slides over the scope’s eyepiece until you get a close enough connection to eliminate most of the vignetting. Keep the lens on manual focus and focus with the scope and play around with the settings. Usually putting it on Av is the best to pick the aperture that gives you good lighting.

    We are not experts on this so a camera store should be a better outlet or contact Bushnell directly to see if they have an adapter.

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