Bird Photography Weekly #45

Join in on the 45th edition of Bird Photography Weekly We are thinking of moving BPW on a subdomain of to give it more exposure. Do you think this is a good idea? Got any other ideas? Let us know!

Demoiselle Crane

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26 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #45

  1. I have a Black-shouldered Kite on a teeny tiny branch, and my brother’s first Doublebanded Courser – digiscoped!

    oh, and a flightless White Lion-bird. Well, it is not really a bird at all, but how can I enter it in to BPW when it has four paws?


  2. I posted a few photos of birds in the Ash Creek Wildlife Area, Lassen Co., CA. One deer shot got in there too.

  3. Great to see the inline Mr. Linky back in working order!

    I’ve got a Steller’s Jay this week from my recent whirlwind trip to Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. Enjoy!

  4. My heart is heavy this morning. I took a Rosebreasted Grosbeak to be euthenized today. It was injured from apparent head trauma. As a wildlife rehabilitator, I see this a lot. Many well meaning bird lovers hang feeders outside windows so they may observe the beauty and activity of birds. The problem with this is that the birds see the reflection of trees and sky in the window and fly toward it, resulting in head on collision with the window. Please, please, please – do not hang feeders in front of windows. If you insist on hanging feeders in front of windows, please do not wash the window and take other measures such as stickers ( lots of them) to reduce the reflection. Thankyou.

  5. WildlifeLady – that is so sad. Completely agree with your points although I have found the stickers to not work as well… better to use netting made for deflecting birds.

  6. I’m a bit late but – we had our 20th yard bird today and we were pretty excited (!) so I had to share.

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