Deer Run Bird Survey (D.R.B.S.)

One of the rail bridges that runs through Deer Run
Rail Bridge at Deer Run

Starting on December 1st the Birdfreak Team will be conducting monthly birding surveys at one of our local preserves, Deer Run Forest Preserve. Owned by the Winnebago County Forest Preserve District, Deer Run consists of 593 acres, many of which are undergoing prairie restoration. The preserve includes a lot of riparian habitat along the Kishwaukee River and is one of the most natural preserves in our area.

As part of our effort to participate in more citizen science projects, we have decided to create our own bird survey for just this preserve. The goal is to conduct at least two counts each month of the year starting in December. There are over 9 miles of hiking trails so there is a lot of ground to cover. The preserve is somewhat close to home which aids in our efforts of doing multiple counts.

Our goal for this self-supported project is two-fold:

  1. Discover the year-long diversity of Deer Run
  2. Assist Winnebago County in future conservation easements and purchases in the vicinity of Deer Run {currently, there are other forest preserves in the area but also many farms that could instantly add to the acreage}

We hope to find some nesting Great-horned Owls like this one from July
Great Horned Owl

7 thoughts on “Deer Run Bird Survey (D.R.B.S.)

  1. It will be 2 years in January that a group here has been keeping records on e-bird of all the sightings on the Big Spring and 2 years in March of 2008 that we will have had a monthly First Saturday Bird Walk on the Big Spring (though they sometimes actually happen on the 2nd Sunday). I think every one who has taken part has found them rewarding as we really have started to build a picture of the bird life here and have raised awareness locally of this bit of habitat. It ahs also raised awareness of the local Watershed Association to not only consider the need of fish but birds too. It actually sounds what you are attempting to do is even more ambitious and I applaud your efforts. Best of luck with it.

  2. Vern – E-bird is a wonderful tool and the applause goes to your group for continuing to submit sightings through it as well as conduct bird walks. Some time soon when birding becomes our full time job(s), we will hopefully be able to guide hikes.

    Small efforts at first lead to big results, and that is what we are trying to accomplish here!!

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