Conserving Cavity-nesting Birds in the West

American Bird Conservancy The American Bird Conservancy is working with a host of partners across Idaho, Washington, and Oregon to conserve habitat for four cavity-nesting birds. The Lewis’s Woodpecker, Flammulated Owl, Williamson’s Sapsucker, and White-headed Woodpecker are on the WatchList with the Lewis’s being one of the highest priority species not protected by the Endangered Species Act.

Lewis’s Woodpecker by Metaphor

The National Forest Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Society/Doris Duke Foundation, and the American Forest Foundation are working to help the American Bird Conservancy reach its goal of increasing Lewis’s Woodpecker population by 10% in fifteen years.

The project focuses on teaching private land owners proper management of Ponderosa Pine forests, one of the main habitats for these cavity-nesting birds.

Ponderosa Pines overlooking Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Lake Tahoe

The American Bird Conservancy does a fine job partnering with multiple organizations and individuals to reach lofty conservation goals. We would hate to see any of these four wonderful birds run out of suitable habitat.

2 thoughts on “Conserving Cavity-nesting Birds in the West

  1. More power to them. I’d like to go out West sometime, just to see the different birds. I have a friend in San Diego who misses blue jays (which they don’t have there.) Interesting differences, a mountain range can make!

  2. I wonder why ABC left out California? Here in Calif. we have a organization Save the Oaks Foundation which could be a wonderful partner to ABC initiative for increasing The Lewis Woodpecker . SOF is focused in presevering the Oak wood lands which Lewis Woodpecker uses in central Calif. Someone from ABC contact me = thanks

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