4 thoughts on “Phriday Photo – Happy 232nd Birthday!

  1. The birds DO help make this a great place to live though, and you folks are still the authority on birds as far as I am concerned! Peggy and I are still learning, and about the only ‘authority’ we have is we can tell one crane from another! You guys are excellent at birding and ID! I suspect you will write a book soon, if you aren’t working on it.

    Have a spectacular 4th! Thanks for all you do!

    Mark Chenoweth
    Whooper Happenings

  2. Mark – wow! Thank you very much for the kind words. *blush* – We are working on a book but it is slow going. Maybe a couple years from now it will be done 🙂

    Daniel – Humbling to hear from our Honduras friend. Thank you much

    Moe – thanks and hope you had a great 4th!!

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