Birds and Beans Triple Certified Coffee

Birds and BeansCoffee and birding go together like bacon and more bacon. Birds and Beans Coffee is the only brand of coffee that solely sells organic, shade-grown, and Bird Certified® coffee.

Bird Friendly® coffee is coffee that comes from family farms in Latin America that provide good, forest-like habitat for birds. Rather than being grown on farms that have been cleared of vegetation, Bird Friendly coffees are planted under a canopy of trees.

Habitat loss is the single biggest threat birds face among an ever-growing list of threats. By drinking Birds and Beans coffee you help promote the fact that great coffee can be produced without harming the habitat of migratory (and resident) birds.

We drink a lot of coffee and Birds and Beans is one of the brands we continue to promote and drink.

Find more great coffee for your next birding or outdoor adventure.

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