Bison Union Company – Modern Frontier Apparel & Coffee

Bison Union Co. is a western brand that sells hats, t-shirts, and an appeal to what makes America great. They also sell coffee which I’ll get to plus some other goods: mugs, patches and even boots to name a few.

Their apparel is largely bison themed as you’d expect. Yet many hats feature emblematic animals of ranching and the great outdoors: wolves, ducks, fish, bears, horses and more.

Speaking of hats, Bison Union has a wonderful selection of styles including camouflage, with a select few having hand-made leather patches. These quickly get sold out because of their beauty and craftsmanship.

To define Bison Union Company is both easy and difficult at the same time. They are a lifestyle brand but much more. Their essence rides on nostalgia of western exploration, cowboy culture, ranch life, and dreams of quiet mountains and expansive landscapes. I like to call it modern frontier.

To wear Bison Union gear is to show support for hard-working Americans, whether they are ranchers, farmers or outdoors-loving people. This brand is a throwback to the days of Theodore Roosevelt and further back still of Lewis and Clark and all the great explorers and pioneers.

One of my favorite shirts is one that has a bison and dog on it, the front stating “Peace Through Kindness” and this poetic and perfect statement on the back: “Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are”. I’ve had numerous people positively comment on this shirt when I wear it out, which I do so much that I am in need of a second one.


Bison Union sells three varieties of coffee, each strong and bold as you’d expect. The coffee is specially produced from Black Rifle Coffee Company, a place Bison Union Co. owners Bert and Candace Kuntz have a long-lasting relationship with.

You can choose between Black Buffalo, Smokehammer and Ranch Hand varieties. You won’t find flavors like “pumpkin spice” or “hints of jasmine” in these coffees. What you will find is real coffee for real people. Coffee that tastes like coffee and tastes even better in one of their hand-crafted mugs (always in limited supply), while you are sitting on your porch or campsite, ready to start a busy day.

My personal favorite is Black Buffalo; best drunk black.

Why Bison Union Matters

Companies like Bison Union are important to conservation in a not-so-obvious way. Their apparel is inspiring and focused on the people who enjoy spending time outdoors, including birders, and the people who work the land to provide food for the nation.

Ranchers, cowboys, farmers, hunters, and anyone who owns land are critical to viability of the land over the long term. Bison Union supports these people and we support them.

Buffalo Union Co. is a small and growing company based in Sheridan, Wyoming, a picturesque, quintessential western town. To support them is to support the belief in America and the dreams of freedom, space and a great life.

From the founders, Bert and Candace Kuntz –

“Our mission at Bison Union is to make quality apparel for real, hard working people. We’re hugs or punches type peopleā€¦. and it’s up to you to decide which one we give you. Through smiles, blood, sweat, and tears, we’ve got your back, especially if your back has one of our shirts on it. We know we can’t be with you all the time while you’re working hard, but our gear can be!”

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