Casual Mississippi Kite: Photo Life List #239

Mississippi Kite {Ictinia mississippiensis}

Mississippi Kites are not often spotted in Winnebago County, Illinois, so when I (Veery) and Dakota received a phone call that one was only a few miles away, we jumped at the chance. Grabbing the Birdfreak Cannon and the two cousins (Sammie and Allison) we set off in the hopes of gaining a life bird.

The sighting was at a nearby elementary school and we met up some other birders to look for the kite. Within minutes we saw people pointing and there it was, soaring overhead. It came low enough for us to see it in detail and even six-year old Allison got a good look.

Mississippi Kite {Ictinia mississippiensis}

It was like a mini block party, with over a dozen people (including some non-birders) hanging out in the streets, watching as a second Mississippi Kite came soaring on by. It was as if the pair was putting on a show just for our benefit.

Unfortunately Birdfreak (Eddie) was stuck at work as we added #239 to the Photo Life List, but it was quite exciting, especially for the young kids, to see a new species.

Mississippi Kite {Ictinia mississippiensis}

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  1. I love these. We have some not far from my house. The other day I saw 4 or 5 swallow tailed kites lazily soaring around a purple martin house in our town. Wish I’d had my camera!

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