C-Notes #7 – Coffee and Green Gifts

Good Earth Coffee – The coffee and tea company Good Earth Coffee has a mission to provide food that is good for consumers as well as the environment. One of their new promotions urges coffee drinkers to take the “Brew At Home” Pledge. By drinking coffee brewed at home we can all help reduce the amount of disposable cups thrown into landfills.

For each person that signs the pledge, Good Earth Coffee will donate $1 to The Trust for Public Land up to their goal of $20,000.

The Trust for Public Land is a conservation organization that works to conserve land such as parks and historic sites. It is a national, non-profit organization with many conservation initiatives such as Working Lands which protects the rural lands such as farms and ranches. They also help other companies and agencies with their conservation projects and ideas.

Tis the Season – Christmas is fast approaching. This is a great year to try a unique and conservation-minded gift. Wouldn’t it be cool to be the guy or gal handing out a Duck Stamp for the office gift exchange? Make someone directly a part of bird conservation (98 cents of each dollar goes to land purchasing and leasing to protect wildlife).

Another cool Christmas idea is a gift membership to The Nature Conservancy. Receiving a year of the Nature Conservancy’s magazine is great for anyone interested in protecting the environment.

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