Bird Photography Weekly #14

Bird Photography Weekly #13 topped last week with 20!! submissions and 20 species!! Thanks to everyone and please join in again this week!!

Last Week’s list:

  1. Redwing
  2. Common Loon
  3. Pied Butcherbird
  4. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  5. Brown Pelican
  6. Long-tailed Duck
  7. Wild Turkey
  8. Little Blue Heron
  9. Blue Jay
  10. Rosybill Pochard
  11. Sanderling
  12. Double-crested Cormorant
  13. Tufted Puffin
  14. Northern Cardinal
  15. Greater Yellowlegs
  16. Ovenbird
  17. Townsend’s Solitaire
  18. Red-tailed Hawk
  19. Black Magpie
  20. Canada Goose

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23 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #14

  1. I’m sorry I haven’t participated in this lately…I’ve been so busy with my art. I recently purchased a used, digital SLR camera, so I’m sure I’ll be submitting stuff as soon as I figure it all out!

  2. Green Heron for me. Birding was quite slow last Nov. 29th, but we were surprised to see a Green Heron out in the open.

  3. We added a Horned Lark to the list. Thanks for all the submissions and look again for Monday’s BPW!!

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