C-Notes #5 – Birdwatchradio Number 9, A Georgia Festival and Picking It Up!

Birdwatchradio.com casts program #9: If you haven’t heard one of Birdwatchradio.com’s podcasts it is definately time. September 10th’s episode celebrates Birdwatcher’s Digests’ 30th year and interviews Bill Thompson III, the magazine’s editor. Host Steve Moore also shares a wonderful story about his latest life bird.

We reviewed Birdwatchradio.com last February and they are doing a great job sharing information with the bird-loving community.

October Bird Festival: The 2008 Georgia’s Colonial Coast Birding & Nature Festival is coming up October 9 to October 13, Jekyll Island in Southeast Georgia. The event will have seminars on various topics from shorebird identification to digiscoping, plenty of great field trips and Pete Dunne will be the keynote speaker and will also lead a field trip. You can register online until September 22nd.

This is definitely a festival we would love to attend. Birding festivals are a fun, energetic way to raise money and awareness for the protection of our birds.

Pick it Up!: Are you a birder who hates seeing trash in the marsh? Garbage in the woods? Do you Pick It Up?

Klaus, a fantastic photographer and nature lover (Virtua Gallery), has started up a way that you can freely pledge your willingness to pick up trash you find! You can even add a Pick it Up! badge to your site. Thanks Klaus!

Pick it up!

3 thoughts on “C-Notes #5 – Birdwatchradio Number 9, A Georgia Festival and Picking It Up!

  1. The Colonial Coast Birding Festival is a blast. I think I’ve been to every one but the first, and have enjoyed it every time. This time I’m especially looking forward to meeting Pete Dunne!
    You should definitely come some time, especially if you’ve never birded GA’s coast. The barrier islands, especially, are fantastic.

    I just noticed that the photo in the upper-right hand of this page happens to be a Crimson-collared Grosbeak at the moment. Did you take it? If so, was it in Allen Williams’ yard in TX? I saw a female there in ’05. (I guess it could have been at Frontera also)

  2. Klaus – you’re very welcome… it is a great campaign!

    Grant – The Crimson-collared Grosbeak was taken at Williams’s yard! I was there in ’05 as well… some time in April. Saw the Blue Mockingbird too!! I saw a male at Frontera but couldn’t get a photo of him.

    We definitely want to make it to the GA coast… just not enough time or funding right now to get down there!!

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