C-Notes #13 – Shopping for Bird Conservation

Kroger Community Rewards Program – Kroger Stores are donating dollars to nonprofit organizations and one group has joined up to help bird conservation. The Black Swamp Bird Observatory (BSBO) in Oak Harbor, Ohio is part of the rewards programs and urges local shoppers to sign up via a simple online process. Each time a signed up member swipes their Kroger card, the BSBO automatically earns a rebate. Easy, breezy conservation dollars.

Less in the Landfill – A lot of direct mail advertising ends up in the landfill. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has a few tips on how to reduce your junk mail. On of those ways is through a free service called Direct Mail Marketing. This takes you off lists by category or all at once.

JUNK MAIL creates four million tons of preventable waste each year. The enormous waste generated by junk mail has a big negative impact. This junk…
* Costs taxpayers $320 million in disposal fees annually.
* Destroys 62 million trees a year.
* Creates 28 billion gallons of wastewater per year.
* Fills 3% of America’s landfills.
* 44% percent is unopened, unread and trashed.
Ohio Department of Natural Resources

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