Birding Ohio – Litzenberg Memorial Woods

The dust (snow) is settling around the big move to Ohio and blustery weather has not encouraged birding. Dakota and I have realized a good window view is perfect for those days that don’t go much beyond single digit temperatures.

The welcoming committee from our living room window
American Robins

The discovery of a Northern Mockingbird pair hanging out near our window has brightened the winter considerably. A rare occurrence in northern Illinois made the regular viewing in Missouri much more exciting and I was afraid we wouldn’t see many here in Ohio. The pair spends a lot of time chasing other birds on a regular basis since we’ve moved in. They are becoming one of my favorite birds.

The view
Findlay, Ohio yard view

The birding excursions, though rather short, have included two small conservation areas in Hancock County, Ohio; Litzenberg Memorial Woods and Blue Rock Forest Preserve.

Litzenberg Memorial Woods
Litzenberg Memorial Woods is a 227 acre part of the Hancock County Park system and includes some trails and a farm. The area was donated for conservation and is relatively new to the public; 1995.

Dakota and I took a half mile trail in melting snow-turned-to-ice. Our total bird list did not even reach a dozen, but it was nice to be “hiking in Ohio” for the first time.

Litzenberg Memorial Woods – Hancock County, Ohio
Litzenberg Memorial Woods

Litzenberg Memorial Woods

Blue Rock Nature Preserve
A second place we checked out was Blue Rock Nature Preserve, a small 11-acre wooded area in Findlay. We had our first Ohio sighting of a White-breasted Nuthatch and watched some rowdy Northern Cardinals.

History: A gift from the Remington Arms and DuPont Companies, Blue Rock Nature Preserve receives its’ name from the heavy, bluish clay mined from the property in the early 1900’s. Remington Arms Company used the clay for their Blue Rock brand clay sportsmen’s targets. The strip-mined area has now been returned to a natural state. — Hancock Parks

Blue Rock Nature Preserve
Blue Rock Nature Preserve

Thanks to all the Ohio birders who have been in contact with us; our next goal is to join up with some birding and nature clubs in the area and go on some group field trips. Thanks everyone for all of your input and good birding to you!

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