Birdfreak Guide to Taking Kids Birding – Updated

After nine months of first releasing it and getting a great response, we have updated our Guide to Taking Kids Birding. Much has been changed and added to this guide and it is definitely worth a look if you have young kids with even a remote interest in birds.

Perhaps the biggest change, however, is that we have broken the guide into two separate guides: one for kids age 6 to 12 and one for teenagers, 13 to 19. The one for teens is completely brand new so may be a bit raw. But this guide is geared towards helping those kids a bit older to enable them to be great birders even when their peers may think birding is a bit “dorky”.

This comes at a great time as the Illinois Ornithological Society has recently had the go ahead to launch the Illinois Young Birder’s Club, a club we plan to help assist in every way possible. We will be posting about this more thoroughly in the near future.

Please feel free to download our new young birder guides, email them to those that will benefit from them, and give us some feedback!!

2 thoughts on “Birdfreak Guide to Taking Kids Birding – Updated

  1. Great to see another state adding a Young Birder’s Club. Your guides about taking kids birding are awesome. Having started birding when I was a teenager and still being only in my early 20’s I am always interested in helping other young people get into birding and helping older birders understand that just because we are young does not mean that we aren’t skilled birders. What a great post!

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