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  1. Just found your site and I looks like it has alot of the things I’m looking for in my new found interest of birding. I would be interested in being a part of a photography outing with other photographers. Let me know if something is coming up. Take a look at my website to see some of the stuff I’ve been shooting. Thanks.


  2. I’ll translate them to Spanish and send the text back to you, so you can have material in another language 🙂

  3. Wow! This is a fantastic site and I plan to return when I have a whole day instead of a few minutes which I’ve already gone over.

    I was looking for a solution to our cowbird infestation besides a BB gun and I gather there really isn’t one. My husband is a hunter and is using them for target practice. I was so upset until I found out which bird he was singling out.

    See “ya soon. Bye y’all.

  4. Barbara – thanks! We are unsure of any other ways to remove cowbirds (that do not involve dispatching them)… they are a definite problem and one we are researching more to try and find solutions.

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