Birdfreak Day! Our 3rd Anniversary! started three years ago today. Come celebrate with us as we look back at some highlights from this past “Birdfreak Year”.

December 2008
We completed our Deer Run Bird Survey (as best as we could)
We created and participated in the brand new Rock Cut Christmas Bird Count

January 2009
We introduced a new marketing term, “Bird-of-Mouth” by showcasing a money-grubbing White-naped Raven
We enjoyed the wonderful raptor show put on by the World Bird Sanctuary
We added a lifer Spotted Towhee in our neighboring county . . . in a barn

February 2009
A backyard Red-tailed Hawk reminded us of an important bird observation lesson
We provided a simple yet effective digiscoping tip
We had a lot of luck with seeing and photographing winter finches

March 2009
We made some birding and conservation predictions
We discussed what cause marketing can accomplish, as seen with Burning Hawk Wine

April 2009
We thoroughly reviewed Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s “All About Birds” website
We participated in our 3rd straight Midwest Crane Count
Birdfreak helped present for our local bird club on “Sounds of Spring”

May 2009
Dakota (Jennie’s son) won the ABA/Leica Young Birder Writing Module
We reviewed the Audubon Inn in Mayville, Wisconsin (near Horicon Marsh)
Our trip to Horicon yielded spectacular views of a most photogenic American Bittern
We saw some super cool birds banded at Birdfest 2009

May was especially chaotic and busy. We missed the annual Spring Bird Count for the first year since we started blogging due to a more pressing event . . . Jennie graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.S. in Geography!! Birdfreak adopted Bella Nova Scotia, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Doberman mix. He also met, Stacia, the woman of his dreams.

Bella Nova

June 2009
We hosted the 103rd edition of I and the Bird
Jennie moved to Missouri for an internship and began her birding in a brand new state
We contemplated what birds would be best at Twitter

July 2009
We wrote about Ted Parker, one of the best birders and conservationists
We launched The New Birder Experience involving Birdfreak’s amazing girlfriend fiancee, Stacia, and found an American Bittern for lifer number one!
We were featured on the Nature Blog Network

August 2009
We discussed one of the many bird cliches: The Catbird Seat
As part of the New Birder Experience we tried to pick the best field guide for new birders

September 2009
I took Stacia birding at a local preserve to find wading birds and shorebirds
Stacia participated in her first bird club field trip
We discussed some potential changes to the American Birding Association rules

October 2009
We visited the International Crane Foundation
We presented some Whooping Crane and general crane facts
Jennie did a Jefferson City Big Sit!
We helped launch “Sipping For Sakers” a joint effort with Burning Hawk Wine to help conserve the Saker Falcon
We joined the OpenSky community where we promote products we use and love
We entered Cornell’s “Spooky Bird Contest” with some Turkey Vulture observations

Turkey Vulture

November 2009
We were enrolled in the eCornell Course “Courtship and Rivalry in Birds”
We spent an afternoon at Morton Arboretum studying trees
I led a bird club trip to Illinois Beach State Park

We have a lot of trips and big plans for our fourth year including the hopeful completion of the fully updated booklet “Take Kids Birding!” and a photographic project that will run all year long. Of course, a lot of the fun we’ve had at is the unexpected opportunities that come our way and the wonderful people we interact with along the way. Thank you for being a part of what we feel is a great community of birders and conservationists.

3 thoughts on “Birdfreak Day! Our 3rd Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations!

    Heck of a year you’ve had. Heck, it’s been a heck of a three years you’ve had!

    Best wishes for many more years of bird blogging!

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