Barred Owl on the Prowl

It was nice to get out again today when the weather was actually sunny and what might qualify as being “warm”. Sandhill Cranes were finally spotted – a nice flock of a dozen flew over and landed in a farmer’s field.

There are still plenty of Ruby and Golden-crowned Kinglets, Brown Creepers, etc. fluttering about. Most of the neotropical migrants are most likely still stockpiling south of us. The highlight today was a Barred Owl. He responded to my “Who Cooks For You?” immitation and eyed us before departing.

Barred Owl

2 thoughts on “Barred Owl on the Prowl

  1. Great sighting! I have spent some time this year with a Barred Owl in my neck of the woods. What great birds! I absolutely love their call, especially when they strike up a conversation with another owl across the woods.

  2. Barred Owls are the coolest… I always get chills when I hear them “barking”

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