A Break From Birding

It’s not often that we aren’t talking about birding or conservation but last night we got news that one of the Dobermans we were sponsoring passed away. She was 14, abandoned at age 13 because her owners didn’t want to deal with her medical problems – treatable medical problems. At fourteen, this Doberman lived a long life and at the end was loved by a foster family. However, there are many Dobermans (and other dogs) that are in need – abused, neglected dogs that are abandoned and need help.

Over 12 years ago we were blessed by a stray Doberman that appeared out of no where on a cold night. Her name was Baby and we often went birding together. In March she succumbed to bone cancer. We have since rescued another Doberman, a friendly puppy that was dumped by the airport.

Arizona Doberman
Arizona Doberman, a mixed breed full of energy

The point is we love Dobermans and it is disgraceful that people abuse dogs and treat them like property. Dobermans constantly get a bad rap – they are often protrayed as aggressive, blood-thirsty heathens that are only worthwhile of being guard dogs. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dobermans are some of the sweetest dogs out there and deserve to be respected as thus. Many people had crossed our Doberman’s path and discovered how sweet and gentle she was. There are many organizations out there that help disadvantaged Dobermans and we support Special Needs Dobermans.

Baby Doberman
In Memory of Baby Doberman, September 1994 to March 2007

3 thoughts on “A Break From Birding

  1. Im alwaus telling my friends:
    Dont buy a dog, adopt an abused neglected or abandoned dog….As soon as I move to a bigger place in gonna pick up a couple of dogs and bring them back to health…Its the least I can do for all the abused pets out there.

    I praise you efforts and kindness to our animal friends, Im sure that Doberman passed away as a happy member of a family that loved him.
    God Bless you!

  2. I will never understand or have sympathy for someone who abuses a dog. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your dog.

  3. #Daniel – Thank you for the kind words and excellent advice.

    #Mark – Thank you and I can never understand dog abusers either; but I can say that a lot of criminals have abused animals in the past.

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