Summer Recap

OK, summer may be “officially” over but we are supposed to be getting some 80 degree weather and the upcoming week looks nice and warm (70s & 80s). So we thought we’d do a quick recap of some of the highlights of the past summer before going outside to enjoy a mini summer rebirth. Blue-headed

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Rare Birds: Good For the Birding Community

One of the coolest things about a rare bird is how it brings birders together and draws attention to birds. The recent sighting of a Green-breasted Mango outside of Beloit, Wisconsin has spurred numerous news stories, something that doesn’t happen much in the world of birding. We’ve had more non-birders talk to us about the

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Duck Stamps – More Birds For Your Buck

After attending the Midwest Birding Symposium, it was made even more clear just how important Duck Stamps are to conservation. We were fortunate to hear a wonderful talk given by Paul Baicich about the route birders need to take to be active conservationists and support the National Wildlife Refuge System. The following are some points

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Phriday Photo

Bay-breasted Warbler In the spring, Bay-breasted Warblers are much easier to identify. But even in the fall they sometimes show their bay-colored breast of which they were named. Other times they go away under the name Baypoll – either a Bay-breasted or Blackpoll Warbler.